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New Features: Store Tag List View, Calendar List with Summary, and More

Tag, you're it, or at least your products are! This release of LightCMS brings you a new Tag List layout to the Product Listing element. Also in this release is a List with Summary view for the Calendar element and a new responsive design. Keep reading to learn more.

Product List Tag View

For quite some time you have had the option to tag your products. This release of LightCMS lets you put those tags to use in a tag list layout for the Product Listing element. This layout lets you give visitors to your site an alternative method for browsing products based on their assigned tags.

The tag list serves as a great supplement to an existing product list. For example, the main body of your page may include products in a list or grid layout, and the sidebar displays a tag list of products.

To create a product list with tag list layout, simply create the product list and choose the tag list layout option in the settings.


Tag List on Product Detail Page

This release also brings you a new feature that lets you include a tag list on the product detail page.When enabled, the product detail page displays a listing of all tags assigned to the item. This way shoppers can quickly access a listing of similar or related products. Clicking one of the tags displays a listing of all products that have been assigned the same tag.

You can enable this feature on the Basic tab of the store general settings.


Calendar List with Summary

We recently brought featured and thumbnail images to the Blog element, and this release brings you another exciting new option for the Calendar element: List with Summary. Much like the list with summary works on the blog, this view lets you format the Calendar element as a list of events with the event name, time and date, and a summary of the content for the event. This is a great view to use, when the event name just can't do the event justice, and you want your visitors to know how unmissable the event is!


To format a calendar for list with summary, simply select the List with Summary option from the Style list in the calendar settings.


New Design, Swyft

This release also brings you an exciting new design theme, Swyft. Click the thumbnail below to view a larger image or check it out at


To see the design in action for yourself, log in to LightCMS and select Design on the admin toolbar. You can find the design in the Featured Designs section of the gallery.

2016.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a new List With Summary view to the Calendar element.
  • Added a new Store Tag view to the Product Listing element.
  • Added a new design theme, Swyft.
  • The store settings now includes an option that lets you include a list of a product's assigned tags on the product's detail page.

Resolved Issues

  • Thumbnail and featured images are now copied to all instances of recurring events.
  • Calendar iCal import now handles recurring events that have been edited after the original creation.
  • When a site had a large number of pages, users were prevented from granting view and edit rights on the edit role page.