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New Features: Slide Show, Search and More

This release of LightCMS brings you an assortment of new feature and enhancements that range from slide shows, to shopping, to blog posts and more! Keep reading to learn what you will find in this release.

Slide Show Enhancements

This release brings a couple of important enhancements to the image gallery. You now have several new transition effects for the gallery. Additionally, galleries now let you use indexed navigation for slideshows.

Previously, you had a limited number of transitions for slideshows. These were no effect, slide, or fade. Now, when your gallery is formatted as a slide show, you have many new effects to choose from. These include:

  • No effect
  • Collapse
  • Fade
  • Fade/Rise
  • Fade/Slide
  • Scale
  • Slide
  • Wipe 

Another new feature for slide shows is indexed navigation. Previously, your navigation choices were previous and next. Now you have the option to add indexed navigation to the slide show. By clicking an item in the index, visitors can jump directly to that image in the slide show. You can format the index as numbers.

You can also format the index as dots.

Site Search

Site search brings you two new enhancements to the search functionality on your site. These include

  • Targeted Search Results
  • Exclude Page from Search Results

Targeted Search Results

The search token now lets you specify new attributes to enable targeted searching of content. The attributes include:

  • target=determines which types of items are being searched. The value is a comma separated list. For example blog, calendar, store.
  • displayAdditionalInfo=True or False value that determines if additional information is included on search results page.
    • When the target is store and this attribute = True, the search results page includes the default item image and price range.
    • When the target is calendar and this attribute = True, the search results page includes the date of the event.

For more information on the search token, see the Search Token help topic.

Omit Page from Search Results

Certain pages such as hidden pages and pages that have not yet been published are automatically excluded from search results. You may have other pages, that are accessible on your site, but that you want to exclude from search results. You can now specify if a page should be excluded from search results. See the Exclude a Page from Search Results help topic to learn how.

Enable Featuring for Blog Post and Calendar Events

Blog entries and calendar events now give you an option to set them as a featured entry or event. Featured items display at the top of blog or calendar elements formatted as a list. If the blog or calendar element has multiple featured items, then they will all appear at the beginning of the list, and will be ordered by the default order setting for the list, for example, chronological or alphabetical order. Additionally, the featured event and post use the featured CSS class so you can style featured items differently from the rest of the list.

New Attributes for Shopping Cart Status Token

The shopping cart status token now let’s you format the cart status to also display items in the cart. See the Shopping Cart Status token help topic for more information.

Design Layout Updates for Viewing a Blog Post

The blog post view now includes a new layout and design to help simplify custom styling. Additionally, the blog view now includes the ability to reply to blog post comments. If you want to use the new layout for the blog post view you must opt in. You can do so on the advanced tab of the website settings. Simply select the Enable New Blog Post design box. It's important to note that after you enable the new blog post design, you cannot revert to the old blog post design.

See the 2017.2 Release Notes for what else you can find in this release

2017.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added new attributes to the search token to enable targeted searches.
  • Added the ability to exclude pages from search results.
  • Added the ability to automatically close digital downloads. 
  • You can now mark a calendar event as a featured event.
  • You can now mark a blog post as a featured post.


  • Added new transition options and indexed navigation for slideshows.
  • Added Aria tags on the global navigation menu. New title and data-button-link attributes are now rendered.
  • Added new attributes to the shopping cart token to allow for display of items in the cart.
  • For digital download orders, marking the order as complete no longer notifies the customer that the order has shipped.
  • Digital download orders are now marked as complete after the customer downloads the item.
  • Updated design and layout for viewing blog posts. New design provides for easier styling and includes a reply option for blog post. You must Opt in to use the new designs. You can do so on the Advanced tab of the Website Settings. After you opt in, you cannot revert to the old layout.
  • The Store General Settings tab now provide an option to allow switching between "Grid" and List" layouts for product tag listings.
  • Added the ability to create an All Day event. The time is not displayed on the calendar for all day events.
  • Added the ability to allow entry of customers address for digital download orders.

Issue Resolution

  • Shopping cart and checkout pages are now disabled when the store feature is disabled.
  • Blog tags now display properly on the tag cloud.