New Features: Responsive Checkout, New Templates, and More

This release of LightCMS brings exciting new changes to Checkout and the Form Builder as well as two new fully responsive designs. Keep reading to learn more about what you'll find in this release.

Responsive Checkout

For quite some time you've enjoyed responsive design on your website pages and in your web store. Now, just in time for your holiday shoppers, this release also brings responsive design to the Checkout page. Your web store visitors will now experience a seamless and fully responsive shopping experience, regardless of the devices they use for making purchases from your online store. 

Click one of the images below for an expanded view.

Desktop/Notebook Tablet Mobile


Two New Responsive Designs

This release includes two new responsive designs. As always, these designs are available for use on any LightCMS website at no extra charge. You can use the designs exactly as they are or make your own "tweaks" to the design by using our built-in design editor. If you're an advanced user, you can even download the design source code to use as a starting point for your own design.

These two new designs are Civet and Liberty.

 Civet Liberty

To see these designs in action for yourself, click one of the images above or  log in to LightCMS and go to the Designs section on the toolbar at the top of the page. Choose the Gallery, and look for our Featured Designs. You'll be able to apply them to your site or download their source files. You can also see these designs in the LightCMS Design Viewer.

Updated Form Builder

This release gives the Form Builder an updated look, bringing its appearance inline with the rest of LightCMS elements. The form builder functions exactly as it always has, providing you with a simple-to-use and sophisticated tool for creating forms on your site.

Enhanced Form Builder Security

To promote increased security of LightCMS and your business, we have made a change to the Form Builder element on trial sites. This update is only for the sites created when a user signs up on the website. Users on these trial sites can still create forms and see the forms on the page, just as they always have. Now, however, the user must be logged to submit the form. This limitation is lifted when the user upgrades to a paid site. By making this change, we will help keep the integrity of the IP and of all LightCMS sites.

Releasing November 25th

Look for these changes on the morning of November 25th, just in time for Thanksgiving! For a look at what else is contained in this release, take a look at the 2014.12 release notes below.


2014.12 Release Notes

New Features

  • The Check Out page now has a responsive design, making for a friendlier, easier-to-use check out experience.
  • Two new responsive designs, Civet and Liberty are now available in the Featured Designs section of the Design Gallery.


  • The Form Builder element has an updated new look that brings its appearance inline with other LightCMS elements.
  • Increased Form Builder security now means that a user on a trial site must be logged in to submit a form. This limitation is lifted when a site is upgraded to a paid site. Trial sites created by a reseller are not subject to this limitation.

Resolved Issues

  • The system now provides descriptive error message instead of a generic message when reporting errors for the Stripe payment gateway.
  • RSS feeds now account for blog post times.
  • The signup process now excludes special characters.
  • Store currency selection is no longer limited when the Stripe payment gateway is in use.
  • iCal imports from iCloud are working again.
  • Leading and trailing spaces have been removed from the blog post title HTML when viewing a blog post.





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