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New Features: Recycle Bin and More

Did you ever delete a page or an element and realize later you probably shouldn’t have done it? Good news! This LightCMS release brings you the Recycle Bin. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new feature and what else you can find in this release.

Recycle Bin and More

Recycle Bin

Remember when delete meant gone forever? That’s no longer the case. With this release of LightCMS, deleting a page or an element from a page, no longer deletes it forever. Now when you delete a page or an element, the deleted information is saved, for a period of time, in the Recycle Bin. Deleted items are stored in the recycle bin for thirty days. During that thirty-day window, you have the option to restore it.

You can go to the Recycle Bin, by clicking the Recycle Bin button on the admin toolbar.

In the following Recycle Bin screenshot, you see several deleted items.

  • The Type column displays the type of the deleted item, for example, a text element, an image element, or a page.
  • The Name column lists the name of the element.
  • The Deleted From column identifies from which page (for elements) or parent page (for pages) the item or page was deleted.
  • The Remaining column lets you see how many days you have to left to restore the deleted item before it is automatically cleared from the recycle bin and gone forever.
  • The restore button in the last column lets you restore the deleted element or page.

In the preceding example, notice that several items were deleted from the About Us page. These were placed in the recycle bin when the About Us page was deleted. Restoring the About Us page also restores each of the elements that were deleted from it. You also have the option to restore any of the individual elements to a different page, not just to the page where it was deleted. For example, you may not want to restore the About Us page, but you may want to restore the About Us Slideshow image element to the home page of the site. You can do that simply by clicking the restore button for the item.

Then click the Home page to select it. Clicking the Restore button moves the About Us Slideshow from the Recycle Bin and restores it to the main region of the home page of the site. After it is restored, you can go to the Home page and move the element to which ever region you want.

Section 508 Compliance

For those who have clients with the need, we are bringing LightCMS-generated HTML and CSS into Section 508 compliance.  In order to retain backward compatibility for your currently utilized HTML and CSS, we have provided a new advanced site setting that is off by default.  

Section 508 Setting

Other associated non-breaking HTML changes for compliance have been made throughout, but the breaking ones that are controlled by the new site setting are outlined below.

Section 508 HTML changes

  • Changed <span> on captcha code to a <label>. (evite & blog post comments)
  • Changed <legend> tags on sign up element to <h4>.
  • Added <label> tags to sign up element inputs.
  • Changed <p> tags on ResetPassword.aspx to <label> tags.

To aid you in transitioning to Section 508 compliance, we have also created a new compliant template - Liberty 508, which is based on the popular Liberty template.  You can read more about Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act on

Text Editor Enhancements

We have heard your requests and have brought some enhancements to the text editor.  You will note the addition of the Font Size button to the right of the Italics button.  Select the text that you wish to adjust, and then click the button and select the desired font size value from the dropdown.  Additionally, you can now clear a class for a selected element by clicking the Class dropdown and selecting the Clear Class option.  Along with these changes, the text editor menu has been reformatted a bit - as shown below.

Text Editor Menu

Fresh New Looks

This release also brings updated, fresh new looks to three important LightCMS features:

  • Evite
  • Search Results
  • 301 Redirects Page

2016.05 Release Notes

New Features

  • The new Recycle Bin feature enables you to retain deleted elements and pages for a thirty day period, during which time you can restore them if necessary. At the end of 30 days, the items are automatically deleted.


  • Section 508-compliant HTML and CSS, along with a new Liberty 508 template.
  • Text Editor
    • Added a "Clear Class" option to the Class dropdown list.
    • Added Font Size adjustment options.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of Stripe to use SHA-2 and TLS 1.2 in order to keep the integration with Stripe secure and functioning.
  • Updated endpoints to take advantage of the Akamai SureRoute technology.
  • Updated the appearance of evites, search results pages, and the 301 redirect page to give them a fresh, new look.
  • Added LastLoginDate to user export files for convenience.

Resolved Issues

  • The file size and dimensions are now updated after an image is edited in the media manager.
  • Updated blog caching strategy to reduce database timeouts for blog posts.
  • JavaScript code in the page Body Header setting no longer causes errors on form submission.
  • Special characters are now allowed in file names of uploaded files.