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New Features: Page Publishing, Updated Design Manager and More

The end of summer is now just a few short weeks away, but our end of summer feature spree is in full swing. Round two of the spree brings you a page publishing option, an updated design manager, and a new ecommerce template. Keep reading to learn more.


Page Publication Date and Time

Previously, the only way to prevent a page from showing on your site before you were ready, was to set the page as hidden, and then unhide it on the date you wanted to make it available to the public. This release of LightCMS brings you page settings for scheduling publication: Publish Date and Time.

By setting the Publish Date and Time, you specify when the page becomes publicly available on your site. Prior to the specified date and time, the page remains hidden and does not appear on any menus or in any search results. However, the page can still be accessed via direct URL.

If you want to schedule publication for a page all you have to do is to add the page to your site. After you add it, edit the page settings and set the publish date and time to when you want to make it publicly available.


At the scheduled date and time, the page will automatically be available on your menus and also be listed in search results.

Updated Design Template Manager

This release also brings an update to the Design Manager. The new, more-intuitive design simplifies browsing through the design collections.

Previously, you had to click several times to view the gallery and the designs in each collection. Now, your personal collection and each of the collections in the gallery are displayed together on the design home screen. Clicking a collection displays the designs in that collection.

To add your own design to your collection, click Your Collection, and then click the + button to upload the zip file of your design. Your design will then be available under Your Collection.

New Template: Arbor

This release also introduces a new ecommerce template: Arbor. As with all the designs, this design is available for use on any LightCMS website. You can use the design as is, or if you're an advanced user you can download the source files and use them as a starting point for a new custom design.

Click the image above to see a full-size version. You can also see the design at To see the design in action for yourself, log in to LightCMS and select Design on the admin toolbar. You can find the the design in the Featured designs section of the gallery. 

2015.9 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a publication date and time option to the page settings, enabling users to schedule page publication.
  • Added a new ecommerce template, Arbor, to the design area.


  • Updated the appearance of the Design Manager to make it easier to browse and locate designs.