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New Features: Ordering for Blog and Calendar Views and More

Thanksgiving is just a week away and this LightCMS release brings you several new features to be thankful for. These include list ordering for blog and calendar elements and several new store user credit card options. Keep reading to learn more.

Blog View Order Option

This release brings an exciting new feature to the blog post element: list ordering. Previously any blog post formatted as a list ordered the list in descending order by publish date. Now you have the ability to choose the order for the posts in the list. Order options include:

  • Alphabetical by Title
  • Chronological by Publish Date
  • Reverse Chronological by Publish Date

You can use the ordering option in many different ways. For example, you may have a blog element that has a series of informative posts and the chronology of the posts is unimportant. Now you can order the list alphabetically by title so that visitors to your site, can quickly find a post based on the name.

In a different example, you may have a blog element where you write a series of posts and each post leads logically to the next--maybe each post is one step in a larger process. By ordering the posts in reverse chronological order, the first post in the process appears at the top of the list so that readers can start at the top and work their way through the listing to the bottom, instead of starting at the bottom and working to the top.

As you can see, there are many possible uses for blog list ordering. You can set order options for any blog post element that is set to display as a list, including:

  • List
  • List by Popularity
  • List with Body
  • List with Summary

To sort a blog element simply go to the element’s basic settings, make sure that one of the list type displays is selected, and choose your sort order from the Order dropdown list.


The Order field is not displayed for any blog element that is not formatted as a list.

Calendar View Order

This release also brings an order option to the calendar element. Previously, any calendar element that was displayed as a list, ordered the events chronologically. Now you have the option to set the order for the event list. Order options include chronological order and reverse chronological order. These prove useful if you want to include a listing of past events. Sort order is available only for calendar elements with the List or List with Description style.

Updated Registration Notification Email

The release notification email has been updated to provide you with more information regarding individuals who self-register on your site. The email that you receive now will also include:

  • Name of the element used for registering
  • Full name of the person who registered
  • Email address of the person who registered

New Checkout Credit Card Options

Previously when store users were logged in during checkout, their credit card information was automatically stored in Stripe and pre-populated for them the next time they made a purchase. Store users now have two new options regarding their credit card information during checkout: do not store credit card information and use a different card.

Do Not Save Card

Some shoppers may not want you to store their credit card information and prefer instead to enter credit card information whenever they checkout. The checkout page now includes a new check box directly below the credit card information on the checkout page.

If a visitor checks the Do not save my credit card info box, then his or her credit card information is not saved. By default this box is unchecked. Customers whose credit card information is already saved, can delete it from the Purchases subtab on the User Profile page.

Use a Different Card

Previously, if a store user had a credit card on file, during checkout, the card information was automatically populated and displayed in read only format and the user did not have the option to change the credit card for their purchase. Store users now have the option to enter a new credit card during checkout.


The Existing Credit Card option is selected by default, but selecting the New Credit Card option enables users to enter a different card during checkout. The new card replaces the existing card on file unless the Do not save my credit card info box is checked. These options are displayed only when the store user is logged in and he or she has a saved credit card.

Edit or Remove Credit Card Information from Profile

Some store users may want to change their credit card that you have on file or to remove it all together so that it is no longer stored in Stripe. Those users now have two new options on the Purchases tab of their user profile page, Edit and Delete.

Clicking the Edit link lets users make changes to the credit card they currently have on file. Clicking the Delete link lets them delete the currently stored credit card so it is no longer stored in Stripe. 

2015.12 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added an order option to the blog element to enable ordering of blog element lists in chronological, reverse chronological, or alphabetical order.
  • Added an order option to the calendar element to enable ordering of calendar event lists in chronological or reverse chronological order.


  • Updated the registration notification email to include more information, including the name of the element used for registration, the full name of the person who registered, and the email address of the person who registered.
  • The checkout page now includes a check box that lets store users choose to not save their credit card information during checkout.
  • The checkout page now includes an option so that a user who is logged in can enter a different credit card during checkout instead of using the card that is stored in Stripe.
  • The Purchases tab on the User Profile page, now gives store users the option to edit or delete their saved credit card information.
  • The LightCMS Developer Program can now be purchased online.
  • Store managers can now make the phone number a required field during checkout. This comes in useful when using shipping services such as Fedex that require a phone number. This is set on the Checkout settings Options tab.
  • The LightCMS Developer Program now lets you also copy trial sites in addition to paid sites.