New features: improvements to form notifications and search token

We pushed out another LightCMS upgrade today with lots of behind-the-scenes improvements and a couple of treats for you as well. These changes are already live and ready to go. Take a look at what is new below.

Use a form email field as the reply-to address for form notification emails

This is a small, but very often requested and handy little feature. As you know, you can choose to have notification emails sent to any email address whenever a person fills out a LightCMS form. Now, you can tell the form to use the email address provided by the person filling out the form as the “reply-to” address on the notification email that is sent. So, if you wish to reply to the person who filled out the form, you can simply hit “reply” on your notification email and your email client will automatically know who to send the email to. Brilliant!

From this point forward, when you add your first email field to any form, it will automatically enable that field to be used as the “reply-to” address. However, we haven’t forced this change on any existing forms that already had email address fields, so if you want to “turn it on” for those forms, you’ll need to manually do so. All you have to do is edit the form, click on the email field you want to use, and check the box at the bottom of the field settings tab as shown in the image below.


Pre-fill your search boxes with default text

This enhancement to the search token allows you to specify some default text you want to show up in the search box. The text will disappear whenever a user clicks in the search box and reappear if they move away from the search box without entering any text.


You specify this initial text with the new initialText= attribute inside your search token on your design template. For full specifications, see the search token page in our token reference guide.


As always, we hope you enjoy these new features. And, of course, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements and enhancements that rolled out with today’s update as well. Stay tuned because there’s always more to come!