New features: improved blog comment emails and more

On Monday, we rolled out a host of new updates to LightCMS. Most of these updates are behind-the-scenes improvements, but there are a few visible changes we think you’ll enjoy as well.

Improved blog comment email notifications

You’ve always been able to set your blog elements to notify you whenever a comment is left on any post on your blog. You do this by providing an email address in the “Email notifications” field (see below). However, we’ve now made some frequently requested improvements to the email that is sent to you when someone leaves a comment.


The email now contains the name and email address provided by the person leaving the comment, the text of the comment itself, and a link to the blog post on which with the comment was left. Additionally, the email address provided by the person leaving the comment is now used as the “from” address on the email, making it easier for you to reply to the person who left the comment by email.

These improvements are designed to help you better manage comments and interact with those who are leaving comments on your blog.

Speed enhancements and more

This release also included many new optimizations aimed at further improving system performance across the board. In addition, we made some changes to the design services interface, making it easier for you to access and order HTML Xpress services.


Enjoy the new features and stay tuned for more.