New features: global RSS, menu name token, and more

As is our custom most Thursdays, we rolled out a batch of upgrades to the LightCMS system this morning. There are lots of great things happening behind the scenes, and a few tangible new features to share as well.

BTW, in case you didn't know, we have a new Twitter account dedicated to keeping you informed of system updates including smaller changes that sometimes go unmentioned on the blog. Check out @aLightCMSserver for an informative, and sometimes even humorous, narrative on what's happening deep inside the LightCMS code.

Global RSS Feed

Our system has always generated RSS feeds for all of the blog elements on your LightCMS websites, allowing you to create multiple blogs, podcasts, news lists, etc. But now we're introducing the global rss feed, an additional tool that aggregates every RSS feed on your site into a single feed. This is live now and can be accessed on any LightCMS website at [siteURL]/rss.aspx - for example,

New Token: Menu Name

We've added a new token that you can use to output system information in your designs. The menu name token simply inserts the menu name of the current page into your markup. The menu name can be specified in page settings and it is the name that is used when listing the page in system menus. For more details, see the menu name token on our Token Reference Guide.

Encode attribute on URL token

We've also added a new attribute to the URL token. By default, the URL token outputs the URL of the current page in its natural form. By invoking the encode attribute, you can now have the token output an encoded URL for use in query strings and other applications. One major benefit of this is the ability to more easily integrate Facebook "like" buttons, "Tweet this" buttons, and other badges that may require a properly encoded URL. For more details, see the URL token on our Token Reference Guide.

View all designs on our free design viewer

This one isn't a system update, but it's a nice reseller tool we've enhanced recently. We added a new feature to our Free Design Viewer that allows you to preview all of LightCMS's free, included designs at a glance. Now, in addition to being able to select a design from the drop-down list and view it full-size, you can click on "See All Designs" to load a thumbnail view of all designs to scroll through. This makes it much easier to quickly browse through all available designs in the LightCMS system. For information on this and other helpful LightCMS resources, see the resources section of our website.

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