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New Features: Element CSS Class, Thumbnail Dimensions and More

As 2015 draws to its close, we’re excited to bring you our final features release of the year. This release contains two new features that can simplify styling in certain areas of your site. These include the option to apply CSS classes to individual elements and the ability to set dimensions for gallery thumbnail images. Keep reading to learn more about these features and what else you can expect to find in this release.

Gallery Thumbnails

The Image element now includes settings that let you specify the dimensions for image thumbnails. These dimensions are set in the image element settings on the Basic tab.

Thumbnail dimension requirements depend on the gallery style you select. For Cropped, Hover Effect, Mosaic, and Mosaic Tight gallery styles you can enter either the width or the height dimension, and the other value will be set automatically to the value you enter so that the resulting thumbnail is square.

For Uncropped and Shadowed gallery styles, you can enter both width and height dimensions. Optionally, you can enter either the width or the height dimension and the other dimension will be automatically calculated. To learn more about how the system determines the best thumbnail size, see the Image Gallery Thumbnail Dimensions help topic.

Other image gallery related enhancement in this release are a simplified listing of gallery styles and a show captions option for the Cropped, Shadowed, and Uncropped gallery styles. Previously, the gallery styles list gave you lengthy descriptions for the different gallery styles. We simplified style descriptions to make choosing a style easier.


If you select the Cropped, Shadowed, or Uncropped gallery style you are also given the option to display captions for images in the gallery. When unchecked, the captions are not displayed. 


The Show Captions option is not available for Slideshow, Hover, Mosaic, or Mosaic tight gallery styles.

Element CSS Class

This release of LightCMS also brings you a new feature for applying a CSS class to a specific element. Each element’s advanced tab now includes a CSS Class field.


By defining one or more custom classes in your site template’s style sheet, you can apply a class to an element to quickly apply the attributes. The CSS class for an element is specified on the element settings Advanced tab.

New Responsive Design

This release also brings you a new responsive design. Theme Vast was created with ecommerce sites in mind. As with all the designs, this design is available for use on any LightCMS website. You can use the design as is, or if you're an advanced user you can download the source files and use them as a starting point for a new custom design. 

Click the image above to see a full-size version. You can also see the designs at To see the design in action for yourself, log in to LightCMS and select Design on the admin toolbar. You can find the design in the Featured designs section of the gallery. 

2015.13 Release Notes

New Features

  • You can now specify a CSS Class for each element. The class is specified on the element settings Advanced tab.
  • You can now specify dimensions for gallery thumbnail images.
  • The Image Gallery Settings Basic tab now includes an option for displaying captions for images in the gallery. This option is available only for the Cropped, Shadowed, and Uncropped gallery styles.
  • A new responsive design, Vast, is now available in the design gallery.


  • The order information email now includes any special requests that the customer entered for the order.
  • Increased the length of the product title to 255 characters.
  • Made changes for more stable and timely indexing.