New Features: Disqus Comment Integration and More

Cool winds are a-blowin' and summer is all but a memory now. Yet, we're still squeezing more features into the great Summer of Love before it winds down completely. On Tuesday October 9, 2012, we'll be adding a few new niceties to the platform. Take a look at the details below.

Disqus Comments Integration

In another big boost for the LightCMS blog element, we're adding built-in integration with Disqus, the world's leading commenting and discussion platform. Simply check a box on your LightCMS blog element settings, enter your Disqus ID and LightCMS will replace its built-in commenting system with the Disqus system. Disqus plugs into your LightCMS website seamlessly. Users never leave your website when they interact with your blog posts via Disqus.

When using Disqus comments, you'll get access to Disqus's full set of features, including:

  • Real-Time Discussion.
  • Threaded Comments.
  • Social Sign On.
  • Integrated Moderation.
  • Moderation Dashboard.
  • User Analysis and History.
  • Spam Control.
  • Word Filtering.
  • and more...

Using Disqus comments will require you to set up a free Disqus account. For more details on using this feature, see this article on our support site.

Central Sign In via

Have you ever forgotten where to go to log into your website? Do you manage a large number of websites under a single account and wish there was a central place to log into all of them? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you'll love this new feature — the centralized LightCMS sign in page. Simply visit the sign-in page, enter your LightCMS email address and password, and you'll be logged in and directed to your LightCMS website. If your email address is associated with more than one website, you'll be presented with a list of websites. Click a website and you'll be logged in and directed to that site.

Once this feature goes live next week, you'll find a link to the new central sign-in page at the top right of every page on