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New Features: Custom Checkout

Halloween is less than a week away and have we got a treat for you! This release brings you an awesome new feature that lets you customize the look of your checkout page. Keep reading to learn more.

Customize Checkout Page

Previously, you had little control over the appearance of your checkout page which was relatively plain in appearance. With this release you now have the option to customize many aspects of the checkout page so that it more closely follows the theme of your site.

You can customize checkout by selecting Checkout from the Store Settings menu. The two following screenshots illustrate the checkout page settings and the resulting checkout page. Click an image to see the full page.

Checkout Settings Custom Checkout Page

Header Image and Background Color

The store header image displays full width at the top of the checkout page and automatically sizes to stretch or shrink with the page. The optimal dimensions for this image are 1920 x 175 pixels. You can change your header image at any time by clicking the remove image link and then uploading a new image file.

If you don’t want to use a header image, you can simply specify a color to display instead by specifying the hex value or by selecting the color with the color picker.


To display a logo at the top of your checkout page simply upload a logo file. The maximum height for the logo is 125 pixels, but there is no maximum width restriction. You also choose whether the logo should be left, right, or center aligned. You can change your logo at any time by clicking the remove image link and then uploading a new logo file.

If you do not specify a logo file, then your site logo is displayed in the center at the top of the page, just as it is currently.


By default, the text of headings on the checkout page are black. You can change the color of your headings by specifying the hex value or by selecting the color with the color picker.


You now also have control over the color of the buttons and the button font on the checkout page. This makes it easy for you to customize the buttons to match the color of your logo, header image, or header background color. To customize the color of the button, enter the hex value for the button color or select the color with the color picker.

This new feature will be available October 27th. For a look at what else is included in this release, see the following release notes.

2015.11 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a new feature that enables users to customize the look of the checkout page. Items that can be customized include:
    • Header Image and Color
    • Logo File and Position
    • Heading Font Color
    • Button and Font colors


  • The "/checkingout" shortcut now redirects to the new checkout page.

Resolved Issues

  • If shortcuts are included in a product import file, the system now uses the provided shortcuts when importing the items instead of generating new shortcuts.
  • The checkout thank you page will now properly redirect back to the primary website URL so that the shopping cart information is retrieved correctly.
  • PayPal email address validation is now properly enforced when PayPal is the only payment option.
  • Product detail pages can no longer be accessed when a website is disabled or expired.