New features coming next week

Last week, we announced that WYSIWYG improvements are on the way and offered you some details about what is coming so that you could get prepared. Today, we’ve got a few more specifics to share with you.

Internal page linking now included

Since our last post, we’ve actually been able to squeeze one additional feature into the “simple” toolbar (row 1). This is a page linking tool. This has been a very often requested feature to allow a user to more easily link to one of the internal pages on their own website.

The web link tool will continue to work as normal for external links to other sites, but we are adding a separate page link tool to handle internal page links (see image below). It will be presented as a drop down displaying all of the pages on your site in a tree-like hierarchy. The user can simply highlight the text they want to make into a link, then select the appropriate page from the drop down to immediately create an internal page link.

Quick peek at the new editor’s simple toolbar

Here’s a quick look at the new editor’s simple toolbar. Please note that there could be minor changes to this before launch but this is close enough to give you the gist. Note the “page links” dropdown described above. Also note the “show more” button on the right that will expand out the second row of tools (for more details on what's included on the second row of tools, see our original post from last week). 

Ah, the refreshing simplicity ...


A host of improvements to the WYSIWYG

Not only are we making the toolbar improvements we discuss in our previous post, but we are also upgrading the WYSIWYG editor itself. The result is improved markup and handling in various scenarios, especially when using Safari and Chrome. Though these changes don’t represent all of the improvements we have planned, you should see noticeable improvements with this upgrade.

Launch scheduled for March 3, 2010

We now have a specific date for the scheduled upgrades. They are scheduled for next Wednesday morning, March 3rd. Though there could be unforeseen complications to delay this launch, things are looking good at this point for that timeframe. We don’t anticipate any downtime with this upgrade.

Even more possibilities

There are also some other exciting improvements in the works that could be included in Wednesday’s release, though I can’t give details just yet. Be sure to stay tuned in the early part of next week as we continue to solidify the details of this launch.