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New Features: Client Billing Goes Live and More

This LightCMS release marks a pivotal moment for Client Billing 2.0. Client Billing goes live, and the new method for billing your clients becomes active. This release also includes a redesign of the account dashboard to provide you with important information about your business and sites. Keep reading to learn more.

Client Billing 2.0

We have been telling you about it for weeks, and today is the day. Client billing has gone live, and you will soon start realizing all of the many benefits this new method of billing your clients offers. Let’s review what this means to you.

  • Billing is initiated on your behalf by LightCMS.
  • The invoice sent to your customer is branded with your company information.
  • Your company is listed on your client’s credit card charges.
  • You no longer have to request your profits from us. Your money is paid immediately and directly to you by Stripe.
  • Your profits are greater because the processing fees are less.
  • LightCMS bills you only for your monthly base charges.

If, for whatever the reason, you did not activate client billing, then your clients have been switched to account billed, which means that you are now responsible for billing your clients outside of the LightCMS system. LightCMS will still bill you for your base monthly charges.

For more information on Client Billing 2.0, see the Client Billing 2.0 Blog post.

Account Navigation for Single Site Users and for Account Billed Users

Release of the new dashboard brings different account navigation for single site and account billed users. Previously, selecting Account from the User menu, took account billed and single site users to the account dashboard which provided no useful information because of the nature of the sites.

Now, when account billed users select Account from the User menu, they are taken to their Website List page.

Websites List Screen Shot

When users with a single site select Account from the User menu, they are now taken to the Account Detail page.

Website Details Screen Shot

New Account Dashboard and Account Navigation

This release brings a redesigned dashboard to LightCMS partner accounts. The dashboard gives you at-a-glance insight into your business and your client accounts. To access the dashboard, log in and click your name in the upper right corner. Select Account from the dropdown menu. 

As you can see from this screen shot, the dashboard organizes your account information into five primary sections:

  • Financial Snapshot
  • Accounts Status Summary
  • Account Status Detail
  • Revenue Graph
  • Recent Blog Posts

Financial Snapshot

The financial snapshot lets you quickly see important financial information about your account revenue and fees. These include:

  • Next Billing Date – the date you will next be billed
  • Monthly Revenue – the sum of everything you bill your clients
  • Monthly Fees – the sum of what LightCMS bills you for your client accounts
  • Projected Annual Revenue – your monthly revenue multiplied by 12

Accounts Status Summary

This section of the dashboard lets you quickly see the status of your client accounts. This includes:

  • The number of new sites added
  • The number of sites upgraded
  • The number of sites downgraded
  • The total number of billed sites

Account Status Detail

This section provides you with the detail of accounts in three specific areas:
  • The trial accounts expiring
  • A listing of accounts that have been upgraded
  • A listing of accounts that have been downgraded

Revenue Graph

The revenue graph presents you with a line graph of your account revenue over the past 12 months. When the new dashboard is released, if you have revenue information available over the past 12 months, then the graph will reflect that revenue. If you have no history available, then the prior months will show no revenue, but as time passes and you receive revenue, you will see those numbers reflected in the graph.

LightCMS Blog

This section of the dashboard gives you a listing of the most recent posts on the LightCMS blog. You can click a blog post title to go to the blog and read the post.

Updated Terms of Service

The LightCMS terms of service have been updated and we now have terms of service for the partner platform. 

For a look at what else you will find in this release,take a look at the 2015.2 release notes below.

Release 2015.2

New Features

  • Client billing goes live with this release and the new billing methodology becomes active. Read the Client Billing 2.0 blog post for details.


  • Made numerous, subtle design changes across the sight to flatten the design, including buttons.

  • Updated the CSS to improve page load times and reduce file size.

  • Streamlined design code across the entire system to maximize performance.

Resolved Issues

  • When a user signed up via the sign up element, the name field in the user table was not populated. Since the user name is used as the edit link on the user page and no name existed, the record could not be edited. Now, if no name is found, the link defaults to "Edit User".

  • Image uploads for images with accepted extensions no longer fail.

  • When exporting a blog from one LightCMS site and importing it into another, the post-url, if provided, will also be imported.