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New Features: Calendar Featured and Thumbnail Images and More

There’s no better way to kick off the new year than by bringing you two frequently-requested updates to the calendar element: featured image and thumbnail image. This release also brings you a new responsive design and a new, SEO-friendly naming technique for image file names. Keep reading to learn more about what you will find in this release.


Calendar Featured Image and Thumbnail Image

A few months ago we enhanced the blog element, enabling you to add a featured image and a thumbnail image to blog posts. We immediately started receiving requests for a similar feature for the calendar element. This release brings you the ability to add a featured image and a thumbnail image for a calendar event.

Thumbnail images display in calendar elements formatted with a list display type:

Event featured images display at the top of the event detail page. You also have the option of specifying if the event list should include the featured image.

You add featured and thumbnail images on the event settings Images tab.

Store Image File Name

Previously, to avoid file name conflicts, we renamed files when you uploaded them and gave them a GUID name. But, this wasn’t optimal for SEO. With this release, we now keep the file name you give the image file. So if you give an image an SEO friendly file name, it keeps it. To avoid file name conflicts, we append a sequence number to the file name if a file with that name already exists.

HTML Billing Email

Previously, billing emails were generated in plain text. This resulted in limitations on the appearance of the invoice and the information it contained. With this release, billing emails are now generated in HTML format. This provides not only a more visually appealing email, but also enables us to expand on the content of the email. The new email format now includes the start and end date for the billing period the invoice covers, helping to eliminate confusion over what is being billed. Additionally, the HTML email also enables us to brand invoices with a logo. The Invoice we send you is branded with LightCMS logo.

Your client invoices have a generic white background.

New Responsive Design

We're also excited about our newest responsive design. Theme Pillar is a new design created with blog themed sites in mind. Click the thumbnail below to view a larger image or check it out at


To see the design in action for yourself, log in to LightCMS and select Design on the admin toolbar. You can find the design in the Featured designs section of the gallery. 

This is just the first release of 2016 and already we've brought you some awesome new features. We can't wait for you to see what else the year holds in store.

2016.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • The calendar element settings now includes an Images tab, letting you specify a thumbnail image and a featured image for a calendar event.
  • Billing emails are now formatted as HTML and include the billing start and end date.
  • A new responsive design, theme Pillar is now available in the design area of the website.


  • To support SEO best practice, image files are no longer renamed on upload, and the files will retain their original names. If a file name conflict exists, a sequence number is appended to the file name to create a unique name.
  • The edit info page now displays the last 4 digits of the credit card on file.



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