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New Features: Blog Thumbnail Images, New Default Template and More

This LightCMS release brings an exciting new feature that lets you add visual interest to your blog lists: blog thumbnail images. This release also brings a new default LightCMS template and the introduction of the LightCMS Developer Plan Starter program. Keep reading to learn more.

Blog Thumbnail Images 

You can now add visual interest to your blog post listing by assigning thumbnail images to your blog posts. You can use this feature in many different ways. For example, you may want to add a thumbnail image that is related to the blog post, or you may have different icons that you use for different types of posts so visitors can quickly identify the type of post by the thumbnail image.

To use thumbnail images on your blog posts, you must:

  • Add a thumbnail image to the post
  • Choose a list type display format for the blog element
  • Set the blog element to display thumbnail images

Add Thumbnail Images to a Blog Post

You add the thumbnail to the blog post on the New/Edit Post Page, Advanced tab. You can add a thumbnail image to a post by dragging the image file from your computer and dropping it in the image upload area of the page or by clicking the Upload button and then browsing to the image. You can also choose an image uploaded previously by clicking the Select Existing button.

When you upload thumbnail images, they are stored in the images/Blog Thumbnails folder on the your site. We will create the folder if it doesn't already exist.

Blog List Display

Thumbnail images will display for any blog post with a List type display option such as List, List With Summary, etc. The Display option for the blog is specified on the Blog Settings Basic tab.

Show Thumbnail Images

Thumbnails will display only when the Show thumbnail images box is checked on the Blog Settings Basic tab. Un-checking this box disables image thumbnails in the blog post list. To re-enable thumbnail images, check the box.

New Default Template

This release changes the new default template that is assigned when you create a new site. By default, new sites will use the Liberty template.

Liberty is a fully responsive design and is available for use on any LightCMS website. Click the image above to visit the design website and see Liberty in action for yourself. 

LightCMS Starter Plan

Since first launching the LightCMS Developer program, we've had many customers who are just starting their web design business and run the business in addition to working a full time job. We wanted to give these individuals a cost effective way to join the Developer Program and give them access to the essential developer features of LightCMS.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce the release of the LightCMS Starter plan, a less-expensive option to the Professional Plan, which remains unchanged. The Starter Plan is great for freelancers and small shops who are just getting started and may not need all of the features and functionality offered through the Professional Plan.

The Starter Plan gives you the following features:

  • Multi-website site management
  • No-cost developer sites
  • Resell the LightCMS Unlimited Plan for only $19/month (an 80% discount)

The Starter Plan offers a limited set of features and does not allow for white labeling. If you want to white label your web design, we suggest upgrading to the Professional Plan. Starting today, you have the option to upgrade to the Starter Plan inside your LightCMS trial. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please email or leave a comment below.

For more information on the LightCMS Developer Program, visit our Developers page.

2015.4 Release Notes

New Features

  • You can now specify a thumbnail image to display next to a blog title in a blog listing.
  • The new LightCMS Starter Plan provides a less-expensive option for joining the LightCMS Developer Program. Visit the Developers page for more information on the LightCMS Developer Program.


  • New sites will now use Liberty as the default template instead of Haus. The template can be changed at any time by selecting Design from the admin menu and choosing a new design. See Liberty in action by visiting the LightCMS Design site.
  • Searching for a phrase encapsulated in quotes, such as "The big picture", now searches only for the phrase and not each word in the phrase.

Resolved Issues

  • Internal server errors when attempting to view invoices have been fixed.
  • The checkout screen once again displays the email address field for digital downloads.
  • When a user record is created as part of the sign up process with the sign up element, the full name field for the user record is now set as well.