New Features: Blog Enhancements and More!

We're excited to announce several highly-requested blog features and we know you're going to love them as well! These features add functionality to give you greater control of when blog posts are published as well as customization ability and additional SEO related enhancements.

Here's more detail about each of the features coming in our 2014.6 release.

Publish Time

Want to write a blog post that goes live on your site at noon on Friday? Previously, the publish date was your only option for controlling when a blog post went live. You could write posts in advance, but those posts went live at 12:00am on the publish date. With the addition of the Publish Time on the Blog Post Basic tab, you now control the date and time of when a post goes live. If you want a post to go live on Friday at noon, all you do is set Friday’s date and enter 12:00pm as the publish time. If the publish time is not important to you, then simply leave the default time of 12:00am. The publish time is based on the time zone in your site's settings.

Meta Tags Description

The blog post Meta Tags Description now automatically defaults to the text of the blog post summary. In the past, if you did not enter a Meta Tags Description, then none was used for your post. By defaulting the Meta Tags Description to the auto summary text, we're taking an even more proactive approach to your SEO activities for blog posts. But what if you don't want to use the auto summary text? No problem. Simply enter your own Meta Tags Description as you have done in the past.

Custom HTML Head Field

You can now enter custom HTML Head information for blog posts. Previously, you could do this for pages but not for blog posts. This enhancement opens the door to many exciting possibilities for your blog posts, including JavaScript or styles specific to the post, easy addition of analytics code, or even post-specific Meta tags or open graph tags for sharing on social media.

Read More…

One popular display option for blog posts is List with Summary. This display option presents a list of blog posts in descending date order. Each entry includes the title, summary, and publish date. With this release, the List with Summary display now includes an option to place a “Read More” link at the end of each summary. The link text can be user-customized, so if “Read More” is too verbose for your tastes, you can change the link to simply “More…” or any other text that fits your style. The link displays in-line with the summary, and clicking the link displays the full blog post.

Look for these new features on Tuesday, June 10th.

Release Notes

You're used to reading about new features in blog posts just like this one. We're pleased to now expand on this practice and also begin providing you with more formal release notes beginning with this release. These notes are a short summary of the new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in each release. In addition to seeing these notes at the end of the features blog post, you can also see them on the Release Notes page. Accessing them there lets you see a history of past releases and the items included in each. 

To help organize and differentiate releases, we have adopted this release version numbering method: year.sequence. We are starting with release 2014.6 (since we are currently in the sixth month). Each subsequent release in 2014 will increase the sequence number by 1, so the next release version will be 2014.7, and so on. We may have more than one release per month so the sequence number won't necessarily always correspond to the month of release. When the calendar rolls over to January 2015, the first release version will be 2015.1.

LightCMS 2014.6 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a Publish Time for blog posts, making it possible to write posts in advance and schedule them for publication at a future date and time.
  • The Meta Tags description for each blog post now automatically uses the post summary by default.
  • Added an HTML Head field for each blog post, allowing you to enter custom header content such as JavaScript, CSS, or additional meta tags for blog post. This functionality was previously available for pages but not for blog posts.
  • The Blog List with Summary Display option now includes an optional "Read More" link. This user-customizable text displays at the end of the summary, and clicking the link displays the full blog post.
  • Enhanced server security by adding support for FTP Secure transfer of files to the server.


  • Files with the SVG extension are now allowed in file uploads.

Resolved Issues

  • The Import Products list now reports any erroneous records in the import file. Records with errors are skipped, and valid records are imported.
  • Copying a website now creates the new site as a trial.
  • Copying a site now assigns the site to the correct pricing scheme.
  • The Copy Website dialog now populates with the default name.
  • In some situations, upgrading a subscription failed, and users had to call support. Upgrade subscription no longer fails in these situations.
  • The Form Builder did not allow users to clear the Reply to this Email box once it had been selected. Users can now clear the box.