New Feature: The Store Manager Role

We've got a new feature coming to the LightCMS platform. It's called the Store Manager role and it will allow you to grant store management capabilities to non-admin users on any website. Previously, users could not access the store management pages or manage product listings unless they were given the Administrator role, which gave them access to the entire website. Now, with the Store Manager role, you'll be able to set up users who can manage store functionality on a website without having access to any other controls or features.

With the Store Manager role, a user will be able to:

  • Access the store menu items on the top toolbar 
  • Adjust all store settings
  • Add, edit and delete products
  • Edit the settings on any product listing

The Store Manager role will be assigned by visiting a user's profile page. You'll find a check box for the Store Manager role immediately below the Administrators role. This check box will be visible only to Administrators and Account Owners who will be able to assign the role to any additional users on their site if they so choose.

The Store Manager role is scheduled to be released on Thursday, March 15th at approximately 10am CDT (GMT-5). We look forward to bringing you this update.