New feature: set a page as hidden when you create it

A new feature rolled out the door with this week's updates. It's actually a frequently-requested feature, and we're happy to now bring to you. As of yesterday, when you add a new page, you can set the page as hidden right on the "Add a new page" screen. Previously, you had to create your page, then go to page settings to mark it as hidden. That was an extra step and a bit awkward on live sites since the new page would show up in menus temporarily until you were able to mark it as hidden. This new feature resolves those issues and makes it that much easier to set up hidden pages and get your content ready before taking it live.

Also in this week's updates, the WYSIWYG editor was upgraded with support for the new IE9 and Chrome 10 browsers. And we added a little flourish to the top toolbar to make it easier to distinguish which main section you are on.

Enjoy the new features. More to come!