New feature: element menu functionality for touch devices

We're continually looking for ways to improve our users' experiences with our software. And one of those ways is by improving administrative access to LightCMS websites through touch devices. Today, we rolled out a small improvement that enables your touch device to access the element drop-down menus in admin view. On a laptop or desktop computer, these menus are accessed by hovering over the menu bar, which isn't possible on a touch device. So, we've changed the behavior on touch devices so that touching the element name will open the drop down menu.

This new feature will allow touch devices to:

  • Access the "manage posts" page on blog elements
  • Access the "manage entries" page on form elements
  • Access the "settings" pages for all elements
  • Use the "move up" and "move down" buttons to move elements within a region
  • Use the "delete" button to delete an element

This update is just a small step in our continued work toward improving the LightCMS experience on mobile devices. We hope you enjoy it!