New feature: easily add analytics code or other global header content

This week's software upgrade rolled out a ton of "behind-the-scenes" funtionality as well as one great new feature for you and your clients. This new feature makes it easier than ever for your clients to set up their sites to work with Google Analytics. Visit the Advanced tab under Website Settings, you'll see a new field titled "Google Analytics" (see image below). You clients can insert their Analytics code into this field and the system will insert that code into the header of every page on their site.

We've titled this box Google Analytics to make it as friendly as possible for end users, since that is the most common use for this field. But, more advanced users can think of this box in a broader sense. Any content you want injected into the head of every page on your site can be placed in this box. You've always been able to add content to the head of your pages in your HTML template files and through the use of includes, but this can provide you with a simpler, quicker option we hope you find useful.

analytics code feature