New feature: content editing on mobile touch devices

mobile cms useToday our team rolled out another major upgrade to the CMS system. As usual, many of the changes are behind-the-scenes enhancements, but there are a couple of exciting new features that are now live as well.

The first is another step forward in making the system more accessible on mobile and touch devices. We recently enabled touch devices to access element menus and settings screens. Now we’ve taken the next step in making the content areas themselves editable. Previously it was impossible to edit the content in text elements, blog posts, and calendar events because WYSIWYG editing is not compatible with mobile browsers. So we’ve improved this by presenting an alternate editing interface when you access the system through a mobile browser.

The new editing interface is very simple, allowing you to view and edit the raw HTML found in a content area. Login and pull up any content editing screen on a mobile device, and the new interface will appear, allowing you to make changes to the code in your content regions.

Again, this is just another small step designed to enable users to make tweaks and changes to the content on their sites from mobile or touch devices that don’t support WYSIWYG editing. There’s more to come in the area of mobile content management, so stay tuned.

Did you know? We’re now publishing information about smaller changes to the software as they happen. You can follow it to stay up to date on all the tweaks and changes to LightCMS and even have some fun along the way. Follow @aLightCMSserver.