New feature: add users from other websites under your account

Last week, we deployed a LightCMS upgrade that added new features for website user management. Not only did we improve the user interface for the user management page, but we also created the ability to add users from other websites under your account. This feature is particularly helpful if you have multiple websites for a single organization who might want to have the same user logging in and managing multiple websites. Previously, such users would have to invent separate email addresses to use on each website. But now, those users can be added to multiple websites under your account and can log in with the same credentials.

To check out the new feature, click on "users" on the top toolbar. If you're the account owner, you'll now see a box for adding an existing user (see screenshot below). Start typing the name or email address of a user under your account, and our system will pop up a list of users that match what you're typing. Select the one you want and click "add." Simple, right?

This new feature is the first step in many improvements coming to the users and roles management interface. Stay tuned for more.

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