New Design Viewer Coming June 14

Along with the unveiling of our online store yesterday, we also mentioned that we would be launching a revamped design viewer. The design viewer is a white-label resource we make available to LightCMS Designers to easily show off the available free templates in the system. You can see the current version of the design viewer here. We wanted to let you know that we'll be launching the new design viewer at the same link on Tuesday, June 14th.

The new design viewer will feature the twelve new store designs we added to the system yesterday, as well as all the other designs in the system.

New and Improved

Filters to Help Narrow Your Options

The new Design Viewer (which happens to be built on the LightCMS blog element) has some great new features. For example, we've created filters that will allow you to narrow down what you or your client needs based on color or category.

Slick Page Previews

When you click on a design, you'll get to see exactly what every individual template file looks like, including the new product-specific inside pages on the new store designs.

The changes will go live next Tuesday, June 14. We wanted to give you a little heads up about the coming change. If you'd like to see the new design viewer in action, the LightCMS branded version is up and running now at The only difference will be that the Design Viewer we launch at will be white-labeled and will not include the LightCMS branding.

Let us know what you think!