New design feature: login status token lets you add custom, personalized content for users

Well, another week, another new design feature! We’ve rolled out yet another new design token to further enhance the power and simplicity of LightCMS’s design system.

The new Login Status token allows you to add content to your templates based on the login status of the user visiting the site. In addition, if the user is logged in, it allows you to add personalized content for that user.

So, for example, if you wanted to put a “Login” link at the top of your page and then have that link change to say “Welcome, Ryan” whenever a user named Ryan is logged in, the new Login Status token can help you do that. Of course, you can do much more than that as well. You can populate the token with any amount of HTML content for both the loggedin and loggedout states, allowing you tons of flexibility, especially for sites like intranets or other sites with lots of login activity.

Full specifications on the token can be found on the Login Status page of our Token Reference Guide. Check it out and give it a try!