New! Design Editor Improvements and Dynamic Body Classes

This week, we've rolled out a couple new features we'd like to tell you about. One adds functionality to the built-in LightCMS Design Editor and the other adds options for those who code their own designs. Check out the details below.

Expanded Background Control Through the Design Editor

The Design Editor allows you to control the color and image used as the background for your website with its simple-to-use tools. This functionality was previously limited to the base styles of the website, meaning you could only control the background for the whole site, not for individual sections of a site.

Now, we've expanded background control to all areas editable through the Design Editor. So, for example, you can adjust the background color of the navigation bar or set an image to serve as the background of your sidebar. Any area that can be controlled by the Design Editor can now have its background color and/or image adjusted.

Dynamic Body Classes

Those who code their own designs for LightCMS are going to love this new addition. We're now automatically adding dynamic body classes to certain special pages throughout the LightCMS system. Here's a list of the new dynamic body classes and how they are applied.

  • dynamic-shoppingcart - added to the shopping cart page (/shoppingcart)
  • dynamic-productdetail - added to all product detail pages
  • dynamic-blogdetail - added to all blog post detail pages
  • dynamic-tags - added to all blog tag pages
  • dynamic-calendardetail - added to all event detail pages
  • dynamic-login - added to the log in screen (/login)
  • dynamic-searchresults - added to all search results pages
  • dynamic-404 - added to all 404 error pages
  • dynamic-sitemap - added to the sitemap page (/sitemap)

These new dynamic body classes can serve several purposes, but most significantly they can reduce the number of HTML files in your LightCMS designs. As you know, LightCMS allows you to include special HTML templates to control the output of many of these same pages. Now, in many cases, you can get by using a single template (such as Inside.html) while targeting these dynamic body classes and using CSS styles to adjust their layout as desired.

If you're confused about dynamic body classes, don't worry. This is an advanced feature designed for those who code their own LightCMS designs. You can get more information in our documentation for creating designs, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.