Meet Will Swain. He won an iPad from LightCMS


You know, it’s a lot of fun giving stuff away. We’re having a blast with our 10 iPads in 10 days promotion. Thanks to all of you who are participating and for all of the kind words you’ve shared.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to one of our giveaway winners, Will Swain (@willswain on Twitter). Will’s tweet was chosen at random on day 2 of the promotion, and his new iPad is already on the way to his home in Seaford, which is a small town on the south coast of the UK, near Brighton.

Will works as a web developer with Hot Horse Web Development. You can check out his web site at

When we asked him what he plans to do with his new iPad, he said first he is going to gaze at it lovingly, and then move on to using it for mobile web browsing, watching video, and no doubt plenty of other cool stuff.

Congrats, Will. It’s been great to get to know you. Enjoy your new iPad!

And to the rest of you, we've still got 8 more iPads to give away. Good luck to all!