Meet Stuart Pyper. He won an iPad from LightCMS.

Well, we've given away four iPads now and we've got six more to go.  But if we can, let's pause and remember all the way back to Monday when we announced our very first winner, Stuart Pyper (@SPyper on Twitter). We've been gathering the information necessary to send Stuart his prize, which is now on the way to his home in the UK. Along the way, we asked Stuart a few questions to help us all get to know him a little better.

LightCMS: What do you do?

Stuart: "I work as a web designer for a company called Belzona in Harrogate. Their current website is due to be completely remade in the coming year. At the moment, I work on their many other sites. I have to work with many different languages, currently about fourteen, but I can only speak and read english so it is an interesting job."

LightCMS: Do you have a website?

Stuart: "My personal site is, and it badly needs updating."

LightCMS: What will you do with your new iPad?

Stuart: "I'm not sure what I will do with my new iPad, apart from have a proper play with it. I will probably use it to test [the sites I work on] and make sure the HTML5 vids are working... We are starting to get more and more requests now to make things [more iPad friendly]."

Congrats, Stuart! Enjoy your new iPad!

And to the rest of you — remember there are still six iPads left to be given away. Good luck with the contest, and we'll see you guys back on Twitter!