LightCMS's Summer of Love

In the summer of 1967, tens of thousands of people descended on the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco defining the hippie revolution during a season we now know as the Summer of Love. 45 years later, LightCMS is setting out to accomplish pretty much the same thing, except instead of all those people and the revolution and what not, we're going to be adding a ton of new features to our software. Welcome to LightCMS's Summer of Love!

New Features Every Week

The Summer of Love begins June 4th. We know that isn't technically the beginning of summer, but we're ready to get started so we're jumping the gun a bit. Once we're rolling, you can expect rapid-fire feature releases at a pace of about one per week. We'll be announcing everything here on the blog throughout the summer so you'll want to stay tuned.

The First Wave

Here are a few features we know we'll be rolling out as the Summer of Love gets underway. These features will go live over the first few weeks of the Summer of Love. We'll post more about each feature and specifically when it will be live as the time gets closer:

  • Separate Store Option Drop-downs. This upgrade will allow you to create separate drop-downs for each product option so, for example, the user will be able to select size with one drop-down and color with another.
  • Facebook Open Graph Integration. Out-of-the-box integration with Facebook's protocol will make things work much better when people share, like or comment on your site's content.
  • Blog trackbacks and pings. These will be automatically integrated into the blog element.
  • Blog pagination. This heavily-requested feature will allow you to break long lists of blog posts up into multiple pages.

That's just a bit of what the Summer of Love has to offer. Get ready for it. The fun starts in just a couple of weeks!