Tangerine Salons

Tangerine Salons Maintains Modern, Stylish Website with LightCMS

In the salon business, maintaining a fresh and modern appearance is a vital part of any operation and that goes beyond just the latest styles. For Tangerine Salons in Dallas, Texas, the website is not just a place to book an appointment but a representation of what the salon is all about.

“In Dallas there’s a hair salon on every corner and you have to differentiate yourself. We feel we are best able to show those differences through our website,” said Brandon Hensley, owner.

With three locations and another set to open this year, Hensley redesigns his company website every 18 to 24 months in an effort to keep it modern and maintain ties with customers.

“Our success is not necessarily our buildings, it’s really our people,” Hensley said. “I really try to convey a sense of community. I even market our salons like a church would with a very community-minded approach. We really try to connect with them on many levels and we are able to use the website to do that.”

The latest iteration of the site has seen a focus on photography and leveraging responsive design. In fact, Hensley has redesigned his site three times in the last four years. He’s been able to easily make those changes since moving the site to the LightCMS platform, with the help of LightCMS Partner Collision Media.

Screen Shot of Tangerine Salon's Website

Hensley first launched the Tangerine Salon website using Dreamweaver and hosting it on GoDaddy, teaching himself the content management system and HTML coding. Any changes he needed to make he would have to puzzle through himself or call in a developer for help.

“It was a hideous mess,” Hensley said. “Now, with LightCMS it’s as easy as writing an email.”

Hensley had similar issues with another of his ventures, TeamImpact, a Christian organization that partners with churches around the world to put on events and also airs a television show once a week on TBN. Seeking an alternative to the cumbersome and technical Dreamweaver solution, Collision Media introduced Hensley to LightCMS for the TeamImpact website and he quickly moved the Tangerine Salons site to the same platform.

“We were really sold on the whole interface and how easy it is for anyone in the organization to make a change to the site,” Hensley said. “That was what I was looking for instead of having to dive into Dreamweaver and HTML. It’s a great tool.”

“I’ve looked at several CMS platforms over the years and by far I think LightCMS is the best for us for sure.”

The usability of the LightCMS platform is an important feature for Tangerine Salons, which updates its site with a weekly blog as well as regular promotions. Hensley and designated employees can make those changes with minimal training.

"With LightCMS, it's as easy as writing an email."

The Salon has also been making more use of the site's video capabilities. For instance, the salons began selling wrist bands to support their Earth Month fundraising efforts and they performed so well, the salons offered the bands to other Aveda Salons and created a video to help promote them. They were able to have a page up featuring their video and an order form for the bands in minutes.

“You can make immediate changes that are so important and anybody can do it,” Hensley said. “With simple training you can create a page, write a blog post, produce an image gallery and whatever you want to promote. When you’re done you can just delete the page and move on.”

Hair salons in Dallas are big business. Tangerine Salons has 90 employees and books, on average, 1,500 appointments per week. Much of this traffic is driven by an attractive, adaptive website.

“Today, a majority of our business is web driven,” Hensley said. “And if it’s not web driven, it’s through word of mouth referrals where people then go check the website out.”