Sugarillashop Showcases Passion for Fashion with LightCMS

Emerging online fashion destination fulfills its goal of bringing style across the nation thanks to LightCMS

The women behind Sugarillashop share a passion for fashion. For several years, they talked about the idea of launching an online store in hopes of sharing their love of chic, sophisticated styles from names like Naven, Greylin, Mink Pink, and Parker with like-minded shoppers.

"We want people to feel happy when they come to the site and LightCMS helps make that happen."

"The hurdle for us was how to build and maintain a website," said Stephanie Gonce, founder and owner of Sugarillashop. "The thought of that seemed very intimidating and ominous to us. That is, until we found LightCMS. Now we're always saying, 'What were we ever afraid of? LightCMS is super easy.'"

Sugarillashop ( was launched in the Summer of 2013 on the LightCMS content management system platform and has grown into a beautifully-styled site that offers chic and edgy apparel along with everything trending in the world of fashion.

"The look of the website is very important to us because it helps set the vibe for our customers and the experience they have while they are there," said Gonce.

The women of Sugarillashop are extremely fastidious and fussy about things being "just so" and it shows. They are the first to explain how "with LightCMS, we have complete control and we can create an online store exactly as we envisioned it." The feel of the site is important to them because they want the customer to have a positive experience. "We want people to feel happy when they come to the site and LightCMS helps make that happen."

Balancing Ease with Store Functionality

An implementation by the LightCMS professional services team was instrumental in getting Sugarillashop off on the right foot. Since then, it's been a breeze for the two non-technical users to add new product content and images as the collection has grown to well over 500 SKUs.

"We're adding new products almost daily and the site keeps getting bigger. LightCMS is very user-friendly and we never feel limited in what we can do," said Gonce.

Prior to launching its online storefront, the team considered platforms like WordPress before deciding on LightCMS. Their decision was based on several recommendations as well as LightCMS's balance of ease of use with capabilities for order management, light inventory and customer management, and a streamlined, secure shopping cart that integrates with such leading payment processors as, Stripe and PayPal.

More Time to Grow the Business

Without having to struggle to build and maintain a webstore, Sugarillashop has been able to devote time to collecting merchandise from market hot spots like Dallas, New York and Los Angeles and has already expanded its relationships with more than 60 designer brands. The shop has also engaged local models to feature the collection and produce their own photography in order to create a consistent look across their entire online store.

With a solid foundation on LightCMS, the Sugarillashop team is confident that they will continue to grow and bring what once seemed like a pipe dream to fruition. "We are not worried about LightCMS's ability to grow with us at all because it's always on the cutting edge and provides us with everything we need even before we know we need it."