Sublime Artistry

Sublime Artistry: Design Skills Flourish with LightCMS

Nebraska firm creates powerful visual impact with website design and development services based on LightCMS

Melody Hansen, a 1999 graduate of the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a degree in visual communications and design, faced several obstacles a decade ago as she worked to grow her freelance design business, Sublime Artistry.

For one, Hansen needed to build her own client base from her town of 300 people (yes, 300!) in rural Nebraska, as no design agencies that might offer employment were within a reasonable drive. Two, many prospective clients wanted websites, whereas her schooling and experience had focused on print mediums.

To meet that growing demand for websites, Hansen struggled to figure out WordPress. “I hated WordPress—it was so confusing to use,” she says. “Adobe Dreamweaver was equally challenging, especially for troubleshooting problems.”

In 2006, Hansen found her website development solution when a fellow designer introduced her to LightCMS. Over the next decade, LightCMS has been central to Sublime Artistry as Hansen’s projects shifted from 90% print work in 2006 to 80% website work by 2015.

“I’m more of a designer than a developer, and that’s one reason that LightCMS really appealed to me,” Hansen says. “I loved how LightCMS was very easy to use, and made it very easy to customize things like background colors without needing to learn complicated coding. It’s really helped me grow into website design from the print world.”

Simple Site Updates for Clients

With the powerful, yet simple to use LightCMS platform, Hansen, along with her virtual assistant, Kristi Dvorak, have built Sublime Artistry into a thriving agency from the small Nebraska town, using contract developers and administrative freelancers as the workload dictates.

Since 2006, Sublime Artistry has developed more than 80 websites for local governments, banks, insurance agencies, executive search firms, schools, hardware stores, auction houses and community programs, both in Nebraska and out of state. Clients like both the design flexibility and post-implementation usability of LightCMS sites.

“LightCMS makes it very easy for clients to maintain their own sites so they don’t have to pay someone to do it for them,” Hansen says. “They like the simplicity and especially like the features such as the ability to drag and drop photos onto the site from your desktop. My 11-year-old daughter maintains our village website, so that gives an idea of how easy LightCMS is to use.”

Because of the intuitive interface in LightCMS, Hansen finds that many of her clients spread the workload for site updates and maintenance across a wide number of users. “Schools really like that, because teachers can use LightCMS to control their own pages,” she says.

Unlimited Pages at an Unbeatable Price

Many smaller organizations especially appreciate the affordability that Sublime Artistry is able to offer through the new LightCMS Developer Program, which provides a hosted solution with unlimited pages, unlimited storage and unlimited product capacity for a low monthly fee.

“I want to make it as affordable as possible for clients and the LightCMS Developer Program makes that possible,” Hansen says. “You can’t beat the LightCMS price for unlimited pages. We recently had an insurance agency with tons of pages that moved to the Developer Program and they’re saving $70 a month.”

Hansen says LightCMS has been a valuable partner for nearly 10 years, with an open dialogue and support any time it’s needed. “I’m really impressed with how LightCMS has evolved over the years by listening to users and requests or suggestions,” she says.