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LightCMS Gives Marcher Designs a Career Jump Start

Still five months away from graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, Martha Archer has already launched a business that counts nine clients.

It’s thanks in no small part to her discovery of LightCMS almost a year ago.

“I’ve tried to launch a web design business in the past, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to host and maintain the sites,” Archer said. “LightCMS handles all of it for me and allows me do more designing and less coding.”

While still a student, Archer had hoped to get an early start on her career designing websites. After being introduced to LightCMS and experimenting with the free trial, she quickly decided it was the platform for her. She joined the LightCMS Developer Program and launched Marcher Designs.

After building a site for herself and then volunteering to revamp a website for a church in Hollywood, Fla., where she lives, Archer started receiving referrals through word of mouth. Her nine clients now include nonprofit organizations, clothing stores, health and beauty businesses, and arts and entertainment websites.

“I’ve looked at a number of different content management systems,” Archer said. “Adobe Business Catalyst was a little more tedious. It required more code work that took away from design. WordPress was a little complicated. You had to pay for certain things like plug-ins and themes. It was beyond what I wanted to focus on. With LightCMS I could focus on building websites.”

In particular, LightCMS’s platform offered Archer the ability to get a website designed quickly, while the automated client billing spares Archer the responsibility of collecting payments.

Additionally, it’s always being improved upon.

“I learn about new features every day on the platform,” Archer said. “Sometimes clients point things out to me themselves. LightCMS is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience for developers and their clients.”

Marcher Designs growth has been swift, even as Archer has been finishing up school. Of her nine clients, eight have come in the past six months. She’s currently working with new clients throughout the area to help give them the web presence they need for their business.

And what does the future hold for Marcher Designs, after graduation?

“I see the success stories of people on LightCMS with 200 clients,” Archer said. “I know it’s possible. I work every day to continue to build my business designing websites using LightCMS.”

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