Groopt Empowers Member-Based Organizations with LightCMS

Membership and Finance Database provider becomes LightCMS reseller to deliver elegant, powerful LightCMS websites to hundreds of organizations

Information is critical to member-based organizations such as non-profits, church and civic groups, fraternities and sororities and others, yet they typically struggle with data scattered across multiple desktop and web applications. A cloud-and mobile-based financial and membership management platform from Groopt, a San Francisco-based entrepreneurial company, is aimed at alleviating that pain.

“Helping our customers make money is our focus,” said Patrick Allen, Groopt Co-Founder and CEO. “The Groopt database provides a simple, yet richly functional solution to help organizations better leverage their information and accomplish their membership and revenue goals.”

Groopt’s ideals of simplicity and functionally made the powerful, yet easy-to-use LightCMS Developer Program the natural choice as the website component of its offerings to its customers, which include its database, website design and hosting, and a private communications platform with mobile app. More than 250,000 members in thousands of groups around the world already rely on Groopt solutions.

Groopt adopted the LightCMS platform for its customers in late-2014 after transitioning from an outdated CMS solution that was difficult to use, required frequent troubleshooting and lacked long-term viability that Groopt needed to scale its business. The LightCMS Developer Program was among the reasons Groopt selected LightCMS over Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and others.

“The LightCMS Developer Program was very attractive as a turnkey offering that let us roll out our new and elegantly designed websites quickly,” Allen said. “We think it will be a very valuable partnership for Groopt, LightCMS and our customers.”

A ‘Night and Day” Improvement

Groopt has migrated the majority of its web clients from its previous web platform to LightCMS under the white-label brand name of LoyalCMS and is offering new and existing clients the ability to purchase its LoyalCMS platform to build their own websites with unlimited pages, unlimited storage and online store capabilities, including unlimited product capacity and multi-website management under a single account. The program also includes top-tier web hosting and responsive web design that automatically adapts a site to whatever mobile or desktop device is accessing it.

According to Allen, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Our customers especially love the website editor and how easy it is to use,” Allen said. “Compared to what they were using, it’s night and day. We didn’t have mobile support in our previous system, so the responsive design capabilities in LightCMS are critical for our clients to capture traffic from smartphones and tablets.”

Ease of Maintenance for Groopt and Clients

While Groopt clients benefit with attractive and feature-rich websites that enable easy self-service, Groopt is spared from its previous chores of managing and troubleshooting issues with its old web platform.

“There was a lot of glue holding the pieces together and it was really grinding on the team,” Allen said. “LightCMS just works—we no longer have high support overhead costs and that lets us focus on growing the business.”

For clients that want to engage professional design services, Groopt is able to tap into the LightCMS Professionals program that includes more than 30 service providers in five countries skilled in designing and implementing websites and ecommerce storefronts based on LightCMS. The wide availability of skilled design professionals and creative agencies partnered with the platform was another appeal of teaming with LightCMS, Allen said.

“We’re extremely impressed with how turnkey and automated LightCMS is,” Allen said. “The simplicity of the LightCMS DeveloperProgram makes it very easy to support. We’re very confident we can put our LoyalCMS brand name behind LightCMS and we know that, as an Oracle product, it will always keep up with the times. We’ve been beyond pleased in working with LightCMS.”

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