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EZY Marketing: Beautiful Websites that Connect with Audiences

Website development and marketing solutions agency in Florida delivers sleek, easy-to-manage websites with LightCMS

A mechanical engineer by training, Catrine Fredrikson, the founder of EZY Marketing, appreciates simplicity and functionality in both mechanical systems and software.

Ease of use and flexibility in design are essential to deliver the best results, she says. Equally important is how well the end customer can operate and maintain a product, be it industrial piping or a small business website.

After launching EZY Marketing, based in Fleming Island, Florida, Fredrikson developed websites with FrontPage, an HTML editor discontinued by Microsoft, and also did some WordPress work. Neither was ideal for EZY Marketing or its small business, community and nonprofit clients in northeastern Florida.

“Today we would never build a new website for a client in WordPress because it’s just too complicated for the regular user,” Fredrikson says. “A WordPress site may look nice and flashy in the beginning but if you make any changes to the code, the whole thing can crash.”

A Platform for Business Growth

Fredrikson discovered LightCMS in 2011 when working on a new website project for a local church. She examined several attractive church websites and, with a few phone calls, found out they were running on LightCMS. Both organizations were delighted with the platform and the support provided by LightCMS.

Since then, LightCMS has been the platform of choice for website development at EZY Marketing, which also offers social media and email marketing solutions to its clients. EZY Marketing has built more than three dozen LightCMS-powered sites, while Fredrikson has expanded beyond solo freelancing by adding two new employees. The firm’s revenue leapt 75 percent in 2014, with expectations for continued growth.

“There’s no way I could have created and managed so many websites so easily without LightCMS,” Fredrikson says. “Because it’s so flexible to use, we can speed up projects and take on additional work. Another benefit is that we don’t have to maintain a client’s site once it’s running because it’s so easy for our clients to do it themselves.”

EZY Marketing clients have been delighted with the aesthetics and usability of LightCMS, which helps the agency fulfill a marketing promise prominent on its website: “We create beautiful websites with attention to detail to connect with your audience.”

“A lot of our clients want to be able to update their own sites, and LightCMS makes that very easy,” Fredrikson notes. “It’s also great to be able to tell a client that everything we build will be mobile-adjustable for smartphones and tablets with responsive design in LightCMS.”

Drag-and-Drop Page Building

Also valuable, according to Fredrikson, are capabilities in LightCMS to assign permissions to update pages to specific individuals. That enables organizations to delegate responsibility to experts while sharing the workload for site updates across multiple stakeholders.

For example, the website that EZY Marketing built for the Florida Rotary Youth Exchange program (www.ryeflorida.org) has about 20 different user logins, Fredrikson says. That site also has more than 100 pages, but a high page count is not a concern because the new LightCMS Developer Program allows agencies to build sites with unlimited pages, unlimited storage and unlimited product capacity.

Drag-and-drop functionality in LightCMS makes it fast and simple to build a site with a large number of pages, Fredrikson says.

“It’s very easy to set up pages in LightCMS,” she says. “The feature to add pages with drag-and-drop is absolutely awesome, especially for a site with a lot of content and pages.”

Conveniently, Fredrikson says, LightCMS readily accommodates social media widgets and the Constant Contact email marketing solutions that EZY Marketing offers to its clients. If a question does arise, LightCMS is prompt in supplying a solution.

“LightCMS has always been very quick in responding to any inquiries we might have,” Fredrikson says.

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