Cave Interactive Media

Deep Involvement with LightCMS Community Pays Off for Cave Interactive Media

Years ago, when Denny Cave wrote a blog post about working with LightCMS, it was simply a way for him to share a quick idea about adding a “read more” button to a LightCMS blog. In the years since, his blog,, has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for Cave’s web design firm – Springfield, Ill.-based Cave Interactive Media, that he runs with his wife and business partner, Melissa. In turn, LightCMS has grown a larger and more active community around its content management platform and Cave Interactive Media has since been involved in well over 100 LightCMS site launches and continues to support the development and content for several LightCMS resellers.

Cave first began using LightCMS in 2007 when, like many LightCMS designers, he was growing weary of maintaining servers, dealing with broken plug-ins, and managing the increasing complexity of open source platforms like Wordpress. An extensive search of available tools brought him to LightCMS.

“If I had built a content management system, this is what I would have built,” Cave said.

LightCMS’s ease of use was a big factor for Cave Interactive, whose clients are mostly small businesses. Cave’s clients are able to make their own website changes without constant handholding while he is able to focus on bigger picture development and consulting work. Melissa, who is predominantly a stay-at-home mom, can easily jump in and help with any content maintenance or website build due to the consistency and ease of content administration with the system.

“Nothing compares to LightCMS and how easy it is to teach clients to use it and let them run with it,” Cave said. “This is a lifestyle business for us so the less ongoing support I have to do, the more I can reach out to new business opportunities.”

Still, while LightCMS is easy for Cave and his clients to use, it doesn’t limit the work they can achieve.

“With other systems you get stuck in a certain content layout with maybe some widgets in the sidebar and where the inside pages all look the same,” he said. “LightCMS makes it easy to go beyond that and create something truly unique.”

Cave sees himself as an advocate for people who don’t have experience with the Web, creating collaborative and ongoing relationships with his small business clients. LightCMS helps to enable that approach.

“At the end of the day it’s about serving the client’s needs,” Cave said. “That’s where the customization capabilities of LightCMS give us what we want. Their design options provide an all-encompassing solution to meet the needs of any number of businesses.”

When a project requires it, Cave extends LightCMS’s core functionality with custom JavaScript development. In fact, this tweaking and extending of the platform is what inspired Cave to launch in order to support other web designers using LightCMS. Through LightIgnite, Cave offered his custom scripts for free and this approach paid big dividends.

“It wasn’t long before people were saying, ‘We see you know what you’re doing. Can you make those changes for us too?’” said Cave. “It turned into a great marketing tool.”

Cave likes to keep his business “small and nimble,” allowing for a closer relationship with clients. With LightCMS, he can maintain his personal touch, even as his business grows.