LightCMS Shine the Light! Program Recognized for Philanthropic Impact

Last night, the Journal Record Publishing Company held its annual Beacon Awards banquet here in Oklahoma City. Our company, Element Fusion, was honored to be invited as a finalist for the Beacon Award for philanthropic impact by a small business in the State of Oklahoma. We were even more surprised and honored when we were named the recipient of this award last night. Thank you to the Journal Record and the Beacon Awards for this very gracious recognition.

The Beacon Awards were established to recognize the philanthropic efforts of businesses across the State of Oklahoma. Element Fusion was recognized for two philanthropic programs, including the LightCMS Shine the Light! program, which enables us to partner with our LightCMS reseller network to donate websites to non-profit organizations around the United States and even the world. In 2010, we provided ten websites through Shine the Light! This would obviously not have been possible without the participation of the LightCMS designers who donated their design services while we provided hosting on our CMS platform. We're very excited about the results of the Shine the Light! program thus far, and we appreciate the Beacon Awards for recognizing it.

If you are a LightCMS designer and have not yet considered participating in Shine the Light! we encourage you to check it out. It's a fantastic opportunity to provide valuable help to non-profit organizations in your community. Get the details on our giving page.