LightCMS offers built-in SEO features

Our CMS was built from the ground up to be SEO friendly and we want to make sure you are aware of all the excellent tools it provides. Here's a quick overview of some of LightCMS's SEO features. Are you taking advantage of all it has to offer?

Friendly URLs
Every time you create a new page, blog post, or calendar event, the system creates an SEO friendly URL that is the same as the title of your page, blog post or event. You can edit the friendly URLs however you wish, giving you ultimate control over the keywords included in your URLs.

Custom meta content
You can easily add and edit meta keywords and descriptions for all pages in your site. Just click on "page settings" and choose the advanced tab. Remember that the description meta tag controls the content that shows up in the search engine results page on many search engines.

Metatags Screenshot for ligtcms 

XML sitemaps
LightCMS automatically generates an XML sitemap that is updated whenever you make changes to your site structure. If you use Google's webmaster tools or other applications to help you with your search engine optimization, you can provide this sitemap to the search engines to assist them with indexing your site. The address of your XML sitemap is simply [yourdomain]/sitemap.aspx.

Friendly sitemaps
LightCMS also automatically creates a friendly sitemap that you can promote to your visitors as a place to find links to all of the content on your site. Including a link to your sitemap in the footer or elsewhere on your site will help search engines find the sitemap and, in turn, find links to all of your public pages. It's just another layer that can add to the SEO mix, as well as providing a friendly user experience. Your friendly sitemap can be found at [yourdomain]/sitemap.

301 redirects
301 redirects are the best and most SEO friendly way to redirect traffic from one URL to another. It is wise to use 301 redirects any time you change the URLs for content on your site, especially when you are moving a new site onto LightCMS. 301 redirects make sure the search engines can find your content in its new location. Without them, search engines simply see that your old URLs no longer work and drop them from their rankings. LightCMS's built-in 301 redirect manager lets you manually create redirects as well as importing a sitemap to create batches of redirects from a previous site.

301 Rediect Manager

Primary domains
Our system also lets you specify a primary domain and uses domain-level 301 redirects to force all traffic to the primary domain. This applies even to www and non-www versions of the same domain, which search engines often view as separate. Choosing one domain as primary helps you avoid "duplicate content" penalties and also ensures that you primary domain captures the value of all inbound links to your site. Choose a primary domain by selecting the radio button next to your domain in My Website -> Settings.

Robots.txt is a file used to direct web robots, wanderers, crawlers, and spiders on how they should or should not index your site. LightCMS gives you full control to add content to your site's robots.txt file. Simply visit My Website -> Settings and click on the "Advanced" tab.

Easy Google analytics integration
Google Analytics offers a free way to get comprehensive stats about your website traffic. Because you have full access to the HTML of your site, it is easy to add the Analytics scripts to your LightCMS sites. Simply visit My Website -> Designs and edit your design to drop the script onto each of your HTML template files.