LightCMS Case Study with Creatovision Design Group

About Creatovision

"Our vision is clear: We're quite simply a team of highly creative and experienced designers who focus on communicating your brand to the customer down the street or on the other side of the world."

Location: Orange County, CA
Primary contact: Justin Juknelis

Samples of Creatovision's work:

Q & A

How does LightCMS make things easier for your business?

With LightCMS, we've been able to turn websites around much more efficiently than we could with other CMS solutions. Our clients are thrilled how easy it is to edit their own sites. Likewise, managing content for our clients is a snap. As a designer, I've always said that webdesign is 30% design and 70% debugging, but with LightCMS it feels like it's all design.

LightCMS enables us to provide elegant websites for all budgets — great templates for smaller budgets and easy-to-integrate custom designs for clients with more resources available.

What are your favorite characteristics of LightCMS?

Our favorite characteristic of LightCMS is the ability to edit a page right in the page. Navigating the control panels of other CMS solutions is time consuming and often confusing.

The new store feature is mind-blowingly wonderful. It's so intuitive and it just works.

Is there anything else you'd like to include?

The support team and the company behind LightCMS is fantastic. It's like having a competent and capable solution-oriented staff right in our office. I can't say enough great stuff about them!