LightCMS Case Study: Steadfast Creative

Steadfast Creative (formerly Bradley Benson Design) has been around since 2004 with the singular vision of creating beautiful, functional websites and high-impact designs for organizations.

About Steadfast CreativePreferred Partner 2

Location: Southlake, TX
Primary contact: Brad Parnell email

We specialize in custom web design, but also offer branding, print design, and design consultation. Our backgrounds are in traditional studio art, and we have experience that comes from several years at different prestigious design agencies in the DFW area.

One thing that sets us apart is the way we approach projects and the relationships we establish with our clients. We don't have a cut-and-dry ABC process or cookie-cutter approach to anything we do; everything is relational and unique to that project and client. We have our backbone systems and project management, but to us, it's all about the experience for the client and keeping ourselves fresh and creative.

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Q & A with Steadfast Creative

What did you use before LightCMS and why did you switch?

Before LightCMS we used Wordpress and Adobe's recently acquired Business Catalyst. For both those systems, we felt like the technology drove the design and that they were limited in creativity.

We were ready to commit to something new that had excellent support and intuitive tools for our clients to update their own content. That's when we found LightCMS.

How does LightCMS help you better meet your clients' needs?

It gives our clients an easy way to edit their websites, manage their billing information for their hosting packages, and view analytics. These are just a few of the features that ordinarily would be three separate services our clients would have to log into to view and manage. When we use LightCMS, our clients can tell their hosting is top tier, and they love how easy it is to log in and update their content any time they need to.

What would you say to another designer or agency that was considering using LightCMS?

LightCMS is hands down the best solution for building out custom website designs that need a robust and easy CMS. It also has a great dashboard to manage all of your websites on the system.

Any tips or tricks to give other LightCMS users?

Think, design, and build outside of the box. Be aware of the functionality and modules you can use, but don't let that drive your design. If you don't need a photo gallery and calendar on the homepage, don't put it there!

Anything else?

LightCMS has an all-star support team, and we'd like to thank Chad, Tim, Ben, Richard, and everyone else working on or with that team. You've been an invaluable help along the way. We've gotten to be the company we are with the help of this great product!

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