LightCMS Case Study: Leap Logic Creative

Leap Logic Creative is a long-time partner of LightCMS. Their proven process of consultation, branding and development along with LightCMS's powerful toolset has made a fantastic combination. We thought we'd take just a moment to share a little bit more about Leap Logic Creative and to hear a few thoughts from them about their work with the LightCMS platform.

About Leap Logic Creative

Leap Logic Creative is a Birmingham, Alabama based web development and branding studio specializing in combining creative works with powerful technology to turn web visitors into customers. They bring tremendous quality and value to their own clients and also partner with agencies and design firms for consistent long-lasting relationships.

Location: Birmingham, AL

Q & A with Michael Thomas of Leap Logic Creative

How does LightCMS make things easier for your business? 

At Leap Logic we've used a lot of CMS solutions through the years and we haven't found a solution as easy for our team to build upon and with as robust a feature set as LightCMS. Our design team doesn't have to worry about implementation because LightCMS can handle anything. Development takes less time on LightCMS compared to other solutions which results in lower fees, happy clients, and happy developer families (due to less late nights).

What are your favorite characteristics of LightCMS?

It's simple enough to build a site from scratch in a week but also very flexible for clients who manage their own content, as most of ours do. Also, the team behind LightCMS is very professional. They're real people, not just screen names. They value our input as a vendor and they listen to their design partners. They also have a vision for the product beyond the next billing cycle.

Any words of wisdom for those considering LightCMS?

No CMS is perfect for every situation, but if you or your team want a flexible, stable, easy-for-clients solution to power your beautiful designs then give LightCMS a try. If you like to focus on clients and designs, not backups and bug fixes, then LightCMS is made for you.