LightCMS Case Study: Inventure

Inventure is happily celebrating their tenth year in business in 2011. They started small, but their services compare with any big firm. They specialize in web and graphic design, branding, and content management systems. They create a custom design for each client and their number one goal is to make an online visitor feel as if they have stepped into the client's office, store or studio.

About Inventure

Location: Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Primary contact: Clay Burnett

Samples of Inventure's work:

Q & A

What did you use before LightCMS and why did you switch?

Our designs have always been a cut above our competition, however we struggled with Content Management Systems before LightCMS. We did not like what we saw on the market from WordPress and other pre-packaged CMS products, so we custom-built nearly every website using client specs. You can imagine just how bulky that became, each client had a unique setup and we felt scattered when providing on-going services and maintenance.

How does LightCMS help you better meet your clients' needs?

All clients need a great design, a great CMS and great customer service. We can create the great design and provide friendly custom service, no problem; but when it comes to a CMS, LightCMS takes care of everything. We can train clients to use LightCMS in a short meeting, and some of our tech-savvy clients even "get it" on a phone call. In either case they typically run like the wind -- blogging, adding photo galleries and integrating with Twitter and Facebook.

All clients hate costly upgrades, downtime and difficulty with technology. LightCMS pricing is affordable, downtime is non-existent, and the CMS is so intuitive that we tell clients if you can manage your Facebook account, you already have the skills to manage your LightCMS website!

What would you say to another designer or agency that was considering using LightCMS?

That's funny, I was just having this conversation with another designer. He told me that he uses WordPress to whip up promotional "mini" websites for client events. I replied by informing him that LightCMS allows you to create unique templates within your client website, giving you the power to rapidly deploy a branded event website featuring registration, updates and more! One major advantage of creating this "mini" site within the LightCMS framework is that you can repurpose content by linking calendars, blogs or text from anywhere on their "main" website. For example, check out what we did for the Ohio University Alumni Association Homecoming Weekend:

Main Site: 

Event Site:

Any tips or tricks to give other LightCMS users?

You can do a lot with the free three-page website with free hosting LightCMS offers, like gaining your clients' interest in growing their business online. Get creative with your arrangement of content within elements to meet your client's needs on a small website. Once they get a feeling for how easy it is to update and use, they will approach you with new ideas, and before you know it you'll be building a larger site! Start small, make it fun and easy, and then GROW!

Anything else?

We also provide outsourced design services, so if you like what you see in our portfolio, give us a ring. We'll provide you with a unique design, and you can easily take care of the rest!