LightCMS Adds Support for PayPal Express Checkout

Last week we rolled out an additional payment feature for the LightCMS store. PayPal Express Checkout can now be enabled alongside PayPal Website Payments Pro. Enabling Express Checkout with your Payments Pro integration means that your customers will be given a choice to "Check out with PayPal" or to check out using the built-in payment process. 

If they click the "Check out with PayPal" button, users will be taken to PayPal's website where they will login and review their transaction before returning to your site. If they check out using our system's built-in process, they will stay on your LightCMS website throughout the entire experience. No matter what the user chooses, payments are still processed through your PayPal Website Payments Pro account and the same PayPal fees apply.

This feature is great for store owners who want to provide a seamless checkout experience on their own website while still providing customers with the option of a separate PayPal checkout experience. To enable it for your website, login and visit Store -> Settings -> Payments -> Payment Gateways. Select "Website Payments Pro" as your credit card payment provider and check the box next to "Enable PayPal Express Checkout."



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