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LightCMS 2015: Year in Review

Well, here we are… 2015 is in the history books and we all have our sights on 2016. As is our tradition, we spent some time reviewing last year’s top blog posts, important product enhancements, and other happenings in LightCMS Land. Take a look below.

Product Enhancements

Last year was jam-packed with product releases that improved LightCMS and also made life easier for many of our users. Here’s a list of our 2015 release notes, in case you missed any of them:

User Registration

  • Use the same email address across any number of LightCMS sites
  • New Login and Register element
  • Enhanced user profiles

Store Users

  • Store users can now be enabled on the Store Settings Options tab
  • User profiles now show purchase history and allow for editing personal information
  • Checkout has been updated into a two-step process

Customized Checkout

  • Customize header image & background color of checkout pages
  • Display your logo at the top of the checkout page
  • Edit button colors and fonts

Source Editor Update

  • Redesigned, full-screen source editor
  • Quickly assign custom roles to pages from a central location

Plan Builder

  • Resellers can now create their own pricing plans
  • Blog posts can now display a featured image at the beginning of a post

Global Elements & Secure Sign In

  • Site elements now assigned Global IDs.
  • New element token enables sharing across multiple pages by specifying Global ID
  • Secure Sign In now controlled at the site level rather than user level

Default Page Elements, Title Heading Levels, and Favicons

  • Define default page elements that are automatically placed on your page when it’s created.
  • Site settings Basic tab now includes a Favicon upload option.
  • Greater SEO control - change all element titles to any heading level, from H1 to H6.

Blog Thumbnail Images, New Default Template

  • Display thumbnail images next to blog title in a blog listing
  • New sites now use Liberty as the default template
  • LightCMS Starter Plan launched

Ordering for Blog and Calendar Views

  • Order blog posts by title or publish date
  • Display as a list by popularity, with body, and with summary
  • Order calendars in chronological and reverse chronological order

Client Billing 2.0

  • Improved billing process for LightCMS Developers
  • New account dashboard redesign

Page Publishing & Updated Design Manager

  • Specify the date and time a page becomes available on your site
  • More intuitive design manager navigation

Element CSS Class & Thumbnail Dimensions

  • Specify a CSS class for each element
  • Select dimensions for gallery thumbnail images

New Templates

We launched 6 new templates in 2015, all of which are fully responsive and ready to be used. You can check them out by following the below links.

Sharing Best Practices

Throughout the year, we try to blog about topics other than our own product and share information related to web design. We had some awesome guest posts, so we thought we should share them again. Here are the five most popular blog posts from last year:

Looking Ahead

As great as 2015 has been, we’re even more exited for 2016 and we’re looking forward to sharing what’s in store for LightCMS. We’re so thankful for all the suggestions we received from our great customers and we always welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve LightCMS, please send us an email at

Thank you again for your continued support of LightCMS. Here’s to a great 2016!