Launch of new interface improvements moved to next week

Just a quick update on our new interface improvements that were tentatively scheduled for this Thursday, June 17th. We’ve decided to delay this launch one week and tentatively rescheduled for next Thursday, June 24th.

“Why so tentative?” you ask.

This is a pretty major upgrade that touches almost everything on the platform. As a result, we’re involved in a vast amount of testing, re-testing, further re-testing and testing some more as we hammer away to ensure everything is exactly right before it goes live. We want to get these new improvements out as soon as possible, but most importantly we want to ensure your upgrade experience is as seamless as possible.

Server upgrades still scheduled for tonight

The interface improvements mentioned above are separate from our server upgrades that are still scheduled for tonight. Remember, our maintenance window is from 12am to 1am CDT (GMT-5) Wednesday morning with an expectation of about 15 minutes of downtime. Though many of you will likely be asleep at the time, you can check our system status website for updates on the progress of the upgrades.