jQuery resources for designers

jquery logoThe increasing importance of interactivity in a website's design and interface has caused the use of jQuery to skyrocket in the past years. While many have found that raw JavaScript is too clunky or intimidating to approach, jQuery is well-known for being intuitive, lightweight, and easy to use. To help encourage you to explore the many great uses of jQuery in building dynamic websites on LightCMS, we've put together the best resources we've seen from a variety of reliable sources across the web. Enjoy!



While LightCMS provides you with a great Photo Gallery tool, there might be a specific custom image effect you want to implement that isn't covered. The links in this list should either give you the solution you're looking for or at least provide you the code ideas you need to meet your client's goals.

Page Navigation

Sometimes you need site navigation with a flair, so we put together this sizeable list of quality navigation-related jQuery tutorials. 

Graphs and Charts

Does your client need a way to convey information graphically? Clean up raw table data and number crunching with clean and attractive charts or graphs from one of these lightweight jQuery plugins.

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