It's time to enjoy those holiday web designs

With all of the holiday hype peaking this week as last-minute shoppers try to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, it's only natural that companies able to spare resources have spiced up their web designs. The festive storefronts not only give us a chance to enjoy the seasonal decoration, but they allow us to take a peek at web design trends in a constrained medium. 

These designs were chosen at random as I looked around the room or outside for companies that might have websites. Check out the interesting similarities in design. For example, you'll notice that most designs use some variation of crimson or magenta instead of a red with less blue. The exceptions are designs for stores like Target, which have their choice of red integrated into their logo and branding. The Gap's logo, on the other hand, appears in the aforementioned crimson instead of its signature shade of blue.


This section seems to have the most heavily seasonal designs. There's a lot of crimson, a bit of green, and a lot of snowflakes or candy canes or other swirly twirlies. These designs are a lot more fun, which is probably due to their seasonal inventory. I have to admit, the large number of big-name site designs that had no holiday decoration at all is a bit disappointing. Why the humbug?

The Gap



Eddie Bauer



Yankee Candle

Car Manufacturers

While not nearly as festive as those in the previous section, the car companies should at least get an A for effort. My favorite homage to the holidays in this group is Honda's teeny tiny Christmas tree.




Various Others

I'm not sure how I came across these sites, and they don't seem to fit in our previous categories, but they've got just enough holiday spirit to appear here. The last one doesn't showcase any Christmas design, but is instead a link to my search for "holiday" on Dribbble's fantastic site.


Stack Overflow


As you can see, seasonal site designs can offer new opportunities to impact visitors. These designs are often fun and brightly colored, giving you a medium and color palette that lets you showcase your creativity. So what websites or trends in holiday design have you seen?