Introducing the New Design Editor

Today, we're excited to announce a groundbreaking new addition to LightCMS — the new Design Editor. This new tool makes design customization accessible to everyone, even to web novices, with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing interface anyone can use.

Using the new design editor, you can easily modify and customize any of our built-in website designs with simple to use tools. You can make changes to fonts, colors, background images, and much more. Every change that is made is previewed in the Design Editor in real time and, when finished, you can publish the changes live or save your work to return later.

The image below gives you a look at one of the editing panes in the new design editor alongside the preview of the design being edited.

Click the image above to view actual size.

The Best of All Worlds

The addition of the new Design Editor allows LightCMS to provide world-class design options for everyone from web professionals to web novices. As always, professional designers have full code access, FTP access, and the ability to create designs from scratch using HTML, CSS and JS standards with no special languages to learn. Designers also have the ability to download the source code to any of our built-in designs and use them as a starting point for their own code customizations. Now, with the new Design Editor, users who don't have any knowledge of code can make their own customizations as well.

Empower Your Clients

If you use LightCMS to create websites for your own clients, the new Design Editor has some additional advantages for you. You will be able to enable part or all of your designs to be controlled by the Design Editor and give your clients the ability to edit their own designs, if you so choose. This will be made possible through two exciting new features:

  • The Developer Role: a new role in the system that can be assigned to any user and will allow that user to access the design area of their site. Currently, only account owners (not clients) can access the design area.
  • Design Editor Integration: a simple process of decorating your code with a few attributes will enable your designs to work with our new design editor. You can allow editing of the entire design or just small areas or regions.

These two new features give all LightCMS designers many more options in how they allow their clients to interact with their own designs. Of course, as always, we keep control in the hands of the designer. Unless you choose to give your clients access, they won't ever see the design editor. In fact, they won't notice any changes at all with this update.

Rolling Out Over the Next Few Weeks

The upgrades described in this post will roll out in phases over the next few weeks. Only LightCMS account owners will be able to see any of the changes resulting from these upgrades. Clients of LightCMS resellers will not see any changes when they log in (unless their account owner gives them access via the new Developer Role).

The first phase of the upgrade is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 1st. This initial phase will include the Design Editor with future phases adding the Developer Role as well as additional features and enhancements to the Design Editor. We will keep you informed of more details regarding the roll out on our Twitter feed and Facebook page. You can also get detailed information about system changes on the aLightCMSserver Twitter feed.

We look forward to bringing you these exciting new features! Thanks for your continued support of LightCMS.