Introducing the LightCMS Affiliate Program

We're very excited to introduce a brand new opportunity for you to earn revenue as a partner of LightCMS. The LightCMS Affiliate Program launches today, offering you the chance to earn thousands of dollars a year in passive income by simply referring others to the LightCMS platform.

Get Rewarded for Sharing LightCMS with Others

When you tell others about LightCMS, you're introducing them to a website solution that can solve their hassles and transform their business or organization. It feels good to help others. It feels even better when you get paid for it! Now, through the LightCMS Affiliate Program, you'll earn substantial revenue when you share the joy of LightCMS with those around you.

Earn 20% for Life

As a LightCMS Affiliate, you will earn 20% of the monthly revenue generated by websites you refer for as long as those websites are running on our system. There's no limit to the amount you can earn. Refer more and more sites and you'll build a base of passive revenue that pays you month after month.

To get started, you'll need to fill out our Affiliate Signup Form. This will get you access to our affiliate system where you can find the personalized tracking links you'll use to share LightCMS with others. Post your personalized links on Facebook, Twitter, your website, in email — wherever and whenever you mention LightCMS. Whenever a person clicks your link and then signs up for a LightCMS website, their website will be associated with your affiliate account and you'll earn 20% of any monthly fees they pay for the life of their site.

Designers, Affiliates and Resellers

As you know, LightCMS has a strong commitment to designers and provides an enormous amount of functionality to support those who use LightCMS to create websites for their own clients. The LightCMS Affiliate Program extends this commitment, providing designers a new option for earning revenue from clients on LightCMS.

Now designers have a choice of how they want to set up each client's website. They can set a website up under their own account as a reseller, or under a separate account, owned by the client, but referred by the designer as an affiliate. A designer can act as a reseller for some clients and an affiliate for others. In either case, the designer can earn revenue from their clients' ongoing monthly website fees.

To get a more detailed overview of these programs, please take a look at the new partners section of the LightCMS website. This section provides information on our affiliate and reseller programs and can help you understand them more thoroughly.

Get Started Today

The LightCMS Affiliate Program is waiting for you! You can get started today by filling out the brief application form. Once you're in, you'll have access to your personalized tracking links so you can start earning as you share LightCMS with others. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or email our support team at