Introducing Magic Drop Technology

Everyone loves magic, and we've got a new trick of our own to share with you today. We're calling it Magic Drop Technology and it's live and running on your LightCMS website right now.

Drop Files. Save a Bunch of Steps. It's Magic!

Magic Drop allows you to drag files from your computer and drop them directly into any region on your LightCMS website. LightCMS creates the appropriate elements and adds your dropped content to it, saving you a whole bunch of steps in the process. Currently, Magic Drop works with image files and zip files containing image files. Magic Drop will be expanded to support additional file types and additional elements in the future.

Drop a single image file and LightCMS will create a new Image Element containing that image. Drop multiple image files or a zip file containing multiple images and LightCMS will create a single Image Element as a gallery with multiple images.

This is just the beginning for Magic Drop technology. Stay tuned for updates on its development. For now, give it a try. We think you're going to love the magic!

Resellers: if you'd like a white-label version of the above graphic to use on your own site, you may access it here.